There is another way to live!

The ongoing struggles against the various „isms“ never allows womyn of color to just be and have contact with the entire spectrum of emotions and feelings. Womyn of color rarely ever experience the joy of just be able to feel like a whole human being. Our “being-ness” is nearly always paired with some form of struggle or searching for strategies to deal with a plethora of injustices and other people’s “stuff”.

I decided for myself that I no longer wanted to focus my energy on the external problem and have begun to seek methods and tools that can help me to divert my focus from the external to the internal. I am a firm believer in the power of ones imagination and the word. There is an old adage that states  “what you can believe, you can achieve“. I believe this has great power and significance in our lives. What we can imagine, be it via visualization the spoken word etc. can manifest. We have the potential to heal ourselves and our communities. Let us begin by changing our diet from one based on the mundane to a diet based upon beauty. It is important to feed oneself with beauty. Beauty is the highest form of nourishment for the body, mind and soul.

Having beauty in my life another way to live.