Spirituality and Resistance

I just returned today form the Writing in Migration: African Book Festival Berlin.

It was truly amazing to experience such wonderful panel discussions on African literature related topics as well as so many amazing authors and performers from the African Diaspora.

And while many of the authors were truly amazing and inspiring,  I was particularly moved by the words of Minna Salami, the founder of the blog Ms Afropolitan. While discussing the power of feminism, and especially honing in on the strengths and achievements of Black Feminism; she described  Black feminism as a political and spiritual compendium of work. It is a compendium of work that interrogates all forms of oppression of the mind. I found her words so motivating, because she succinctly touched upon what I have for a long time intuitively known and profess. Namely, that the spiritual aspects of Black feminism must be utilised now more than ever in various forms of resistance.

And it is my belief that “Caring for the Self” is a spirtual practice. By this I mean it is important that we  take consistent extreme care of the body, mind and spirit. This is the greatest form of resistance that Black women and women of colour can practice. And to do this we can use a multitude of forms. Our incredible Diaspora offers us a diverse selection of beliefs and practices. So just find one or several practices,  mix and match them according to your needs. Your mind, body and soul will thank you for it.

More on this topic to come!



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