Where exactly does our joy and peace arise from?








Artwork by Annelie Solis : www.anneliesolis.com

In thinking about life while living in these turbulent and troubling times, it is necessary to pose conscious and important questions. Mainstream media constantly bombards us with troubling and mostly negative imagery and audio. If we do not remain consciousness and alert to these attacks on our senses, they will  in subtle and blatent ways wreck havoc with our mind, bodies and spirits.

We often hear much about staying in a place of  peace and living in our joy. But, rarely ever to we pose the question about the source of these emotions/feelings, and just how do we get there, and how do we stay there? One of my remedies for this is the practice of  meditation. Meditation helps us go inward and tap into that joy and peace that is always there inside of us, but due to the stress and craziness of our lives, somehow is simply forgotten.  Now, more than ever is the time to practice meditation on a daily basis in order to align ourselves with that place of peace and joy that is within. There are a multitude of forms of meditation, and it is up to us as conscious beings to find the “form” or “forms” of this practice that speaks to us.

As my spiritual teaches states: “meditation is like a shower for the mind”.  We would never think of leaving  our homes without taking a shower, right?  So why not give the mind a shower as well ? Not only does meditation cleanse us of the daily accumulated debris and negative thought forms, but it allows us to align ourselves with and tap into a sense of peace, joy and the ” Divine Source”.  “Divine Source” is the fountain of our creativity. And when we  act from a place of peace & joy as well as align ourselves with our creativity, there is nothing that can stop us or that we cannot do!

Peace & Joy to all!