Beauty is a living energy


When we think of beauty, we usually associate it with something tangible, but rarely do we think of beauty as an energy. When we seek to live conscious and joyful lives where we are in touch with the “Self”, meaning  that which is Divine and resides in each and every one of us; the presence of beauty in our lives is a must. I believe that beauty  is a living energy which is able to manifests into various forms. And these forms become tangible for all of our  senses. Not only can beauty be experienced by the five senses that we most commonly use, but also by the sixth sense – namely our intuition. We are intuitively drawn to those things that vibrate on a higher vibratory rate. And beauty does this!  It literally does this, beauty vibrates on a high frequency. My spiritual Guru says: “Beauty has a vibratory rate that recognises your vibratory rate”. Therefore, it is important to keep the vibration of our being high so that we can easily tap into that living energy that surrounds us. There are endless ways that we can do this.

Create a beautiful space in which to live, work, dance, sing, play etc. Adorn our bodies, play with scent if that’s your thing, listen to sounds and images that affirm our beauty and that soothe our souls. I often  go out into nature and imagine myself inhaling the energy of beauty into my body and visualise it spreading throughout my entire being. And in a moment of quiet contemplation/meditation, my heart whispers to me that beauty opens us up to all that we are and strive to become. So, let us surround ourselves with and steep our being in that living energy and remind ourselves that everything that was created by the Divine is beautiful – and thus we are too.