The Circle of Oyá


As soon as healing takes place, go out and heal somebody else.

-Maya Angelou

Oya is the Yoruba Goddes of wind, rivers and transformation. And it is her energy that has inspired me to start a healing circle with my African diasporic Sistahs and Sistahs of colour. Heart-centred healing self-care  is a powerful form and means of transformation. And this is something that more and more women of colour have come to see as being a crucial component to not only our survival, but to our thriving.

Being that the energy of Oyá calls forth transformation, I saw it fitting to name this healing circle after this beautiful and powerful Orisha. As the winds of change blow through many regions of this planet, my heart tells me that now is the time to initiate a circle of healing in a safe environment where Black women and women of colour can come together to support each other.

The circle of Oyá  will take place in the form of a monthly gathering exclusively for like-minded Sistahs of colour to learn and exchange wholistic forms for practicing care of the Self. Meditation, journaling, dance, laughter and song will be some of the ways in which we will strengthen and nourish ourselves within in order to stand firmly and empowered in the outer world.

More to follow!!!


*Image of  Oyá: source unknown