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The Circle of Oyá -Healing Circle for Black and Women of Color

The Circle of Oyá

– Image courtesy of Felipe Caprini

Dear All,

As announced a few months ago, I decided to create a monthly healing circle for Black and women of color here in Berlin. Here below is the description of the healing circle in English:

This “Circle of Oyá” [1] is a healing circle for Black women[2] & women of color who are seeking a wholistic approach to coping with the stress and struggle of every day racism(s) and discrimination. Self-love and gratitude inspired “Care of the Self” are at the core of this monthly healing circle. The circle offers a safe space for Black women and women of color to come together and create a supportive community. The aim here is to foster sustainable “Care of the Self”, a feeling of belonging and regeneration.

This healing circle is for you if you are seeking practices and suggestions that focus on gratitude and “Care of the Self” in order to stand firmly and empowered in the outer world.

Please be well informed that this session requires discipline, dedication and commitment to your own personal development.

Circle leader: Annapoorna Ellerbe

Time: 1 per month – 2 September ( 12:00h-16:00) , 7 October ( 12:00h-16:00) & 4 November 2018 (12:00h-16:00h).

Maximal number of participants – 12

Location: SUSI: Interkulturelles Frauenzentrum/Intercultural Women’s Centre:

English, Deutsch, Spanish, French & Portuguese are spoken.


[1] Oyá is the Yoruba Goddess of wind, rivers and transformation

[2] Women = cis-gender, trans women & gender fluid with a feminine focus.