Words of wisdom

Dealing With Turbulent Times

  I have been away from writing during the past months due to several other obligations. In particular, I have been quite busy with the preparation workfor and the management of the Circle of Oyá here in Berlin. As many of you have noticed there has been and currently is a lot happening on so many levels. I hear from many women inside and outside the circle that these are turbulent times and that they feeling like the struggle will never end. We are indeed  navigating through turbulent times. Certain political as well as astrological alignments have really turned up the heat. And all of us are feeling it!

  Therefore, I cannot stress enough how important it is during such times to remain conscious of our breathe and to trust that if we are doing the “Care of the Self “work that we will be guided to that which is right and perfect for us. However, if we are not, then things appear to be more threatening and difficult than they may actually be.  Gift yourself with the time each and every day to do some type of practice which centers and keeps us grounded despite the craziness that surrounds us.

   Are you taking time to breathe? Do you practice some sort of technique to help still and clear the mind? Are you writing in your journal? If you have answered no to one or all of these questions, perhaps you need to reboot your “Care of the Self” work. Take some time right now and just breathe. Breathing consciously and deeply is a great help in gaining clarity of the mind. And journaling in your journal can help you gain greater insight into what it is that is bothering you and what you can do to change it.

  Over the years I have gathered numerous tools and created a tool-kit that has helped me overcome such situations. I share these during our Circle of Oyá sessions, and continuously go back to them from time to time depending upon what is happening in my life.

  So dear Sistahs, I suggest that you give yourself some “me-time” today or this eve. Turn off the ringer on your phone, take a wonderful bath with fragrant essential oils and bath salts, spend some time alone with yourself and your journal. Believe me, you’ll be happy  you did it.

Wishing you all a wonderful October eve and till the next time!

Peace & Joy