Who is Wodaabegirl?



Wodaabegirl is a artist/performer, academic, speaker, empowerment trainer, social activist, dancer, proponent of Black feminist thought, Yogini, meditator, and a lover of life. I am also a daughter of the Black /African Diaspora. Inspired by the beauty and nomadic life of the Wodaabe/Fulani people. In addition, I am a avid lover of beauty and movement.  I find the Wodaabe physically quite beautiful and can truly relate to their nomadic lifestyle. Hence the name.

For the past thirty years I have lived the life of a nomad in Europe. These experiences have granted me valuable insights into the lives of Black women and women of colour living within the European space.

Further, I am very interested in the intersections of social activism and spirituality and believe with all my heart that the meshing of these two areas can help Black women and women of colour in Europe to live happier lives. My wish is  to offer a safe space of loving kindness, joy, ideas and suggestions that may assist Black women and women of colour in and with their own self-healing.


“Joy is a feminist practice”!

– bell hooks